different and unique

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic skin care systems, based on scientific evidence. Dr. JK Cosmeceuticals Privée products actually use intelligent technologies to transport active substances to the reproductive skin layers. By means of these three outstanding transportation technologies, the active substances can freely penetrate through the intercellular spaces of the skin, exactly where they are needed – in particular in the skin cells – and thus they can maximize their ultimate effectiveness. Therefore Dr. JK Cosmeceuticals Privée acts from both the inside and the outside.

The three top patented technologies in Dr. JK Cosmeceuticals Privée are as follows:

  • smartCrystals® – Consisting of 100% pure ingredients, with a size of about 500 nm
  • smartLipids® – Fine micro lipid-pearls, with a size of about 200 nm
  • Liposomes – Lipid-pearls filled with active ingredients – they consist of highly pure phosphatidylcholine, with a size of 100 nm

Dr. JK Cosmeceuticals Privée distinguish themselves from classic cosmetic products by:

  • The use of the latest and most modern cosmetic active and natural agents in a microfine dimension
  • The highest possible dosage of ingredients
  • Scientifically proven effectivity of the ingredients
  • Better stability of active substances due to the use of innovative and patented technologies
  • Improved penetration into the skin
  • Adhesion on the skin surface and thus better bioavailability
  • Use of natural substances, which can be used by means of the latest technical achievements

The method of application of the Dr. JK Cosmeceuticals Privée series is the same as with customary skincare products. The visible and remarkable effects will impress you even after the first application. A long lasting anti-aging result is noticeable after only about two to four weeks of use.

some call it luxury, we call it beauty.