developed by Dr. med. Jutta Knauer

mission and vision

Imagine a charismatic doctor, researcher and protagonist, who has passionately dedicated her life to the study of the human skin. To begin with, as a doctor, she focused on keeping the skin healthy. Because she was not convinced about the available mainstream products and the results they failed to offer, she decided to run her own pharmaceutical business and has been doing so since 1994. She wanted to be able to offer her patients the very best of the best. Till this day, she develops unique cosmeceutical recipes and private labels for clients internationally, including dermatological clinics in Japan and renowned doctors in Germany, and to the highest standards. After years of researching and the building knowledge about the secrets concerning skin regeneration and maintenance of healthy skin, her occupational mission overtime became a passionate vision: To stop time, so that the skin‘s ageing process could slow down.

Since 2006 she has been developing innovative formulas worldwide for sophisticated skin care systems. With three patented transfer technologies, which have been awarded with no less than four cosmetic awards, her greatest challenge was successfully met: To transport the product’s active ingredients to those places where skin rejuvenation could actually take place. She has created and developed revolutionary anti-aging products, especially in which renowned doctors have profited from her high-caliber expertise. They have been successfully classified as exclusive luxury brands and niche products in the cosmetic industry. Their outstanding and long-lasting effectiveness has been proven in numerous studies.
The name Dr. med. Jutta Knauer does not only stand for excellent knowledge, but for humanity and sympathy as well, by the creation of beauty elixir products that combine latest technologies along with the best possible effective ingredients. And without exceeding the limits of medicine itself.

Her own Privée line will be debuted in October 2013,
the original Dr. JK Cosmeceuticals Privée …

so exciting that they get under your skin!