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Dr. JK Cosmeceuticals Privée for significant skin rejuvenation is a scientifically based skin care system, whose technologies were honoured with four cosmetic awards

Nanocrystals consist of 100% active ingredient (for example Rutin) und have an average size of about 500nm. They increase the efficacy of hardly soluble Anti -Aging ingredients in comparison with big active ingredient crystals. Nanocrystal technology is a very effective method to increase the efficacy of active ingredients. The smartCrystals® within Dr. JK Cosmeceuticals Privée are produced by a patented high pressure homogenization technology.

* Wirkstoff = Active Ingredient

Nano structured Lipid Carrier are small lipid vesicles with an average size of about 200nm. After application onto the skin they form an invisible film on the skin, which protects the skin from dehydration. Thus the skin’s moisture content rises and fine lines and wrinkles disappear. Those lipid vesicles contain an active Anti-Aging ingredient (for example Q 10). The lipids of Nanoparticles enhance penetration of the active ingredient into deeper layers of the skin, increasing efficacy. Anti-Aging active ingredients often are very sensitive towards light and oxygen. By embedding these active ingredients into Nano structured Lipid Carriers, those ingredients are protected in the best way. Thus active ingredients embedded into Nano structured Lipid Carrier are more stable than most other formulations.

The nanocrystals within Dr. JK Cosmeceuticals Privée are produced by a patented high pressure homogenization technology.
* Lipidmatrix = Lipid Matrix
* Wirkstoff= Active Ingredient

Liposomes are small vesicles with a size between 20 nm to a few micrometers, which are filled with water. Within the inner part of the vesicle (watery phase) Anti- Aging active ingredients can be embedded, while lipo- soluble substances can be embedded within the outer membrane. Small Liposomes can penetrate deeply into the intercellular spaces of the skin. Thus water and the active ingredient within the liposomes are transported into the epidermis, while the efficacy of the embedded ingredients increases. These penetrate directly into the epidermis and do not remain on the upper dermal layers. The outer layer of the liposomes consists of phospholipids which simulate the function of body’s own membranes. Therefore liposomes improve the structure of the skin and its moisture levels, which you will notice immediately after application. While passing through the stratum corneum, the amphiphilic cholinephospholipids emulsify the dermal lipids of the intercellular substance and bind water, thereby exerting their desired hydrating effect. This increases the permeability of the stratum corneum for more liposomes to get penetrated. A reservoir of liposomes is formed in the Stratum corneum, from which liposomes continue to penetrate for days.
Liposomes used in Dr. JK Cosmeceuticals Privée are small unilamellar vesicles of an average size of around 100 nm and consist of highly- purity Phosphatidylcholin. Thus they can penetrate the intercellular spaces of the epidermis which are up 25 times wider than the liposomes. The main compound of our liposomes is phosphatidylcholine (a component of the cell membranes), which consist of around 60 % linolic and around 6 % linolenic acid, the two main fatty acids of the skin. Our liposomes are produced by a patented technology.

* Phospholipidhülle = Phospholipid Coat
* Wirkstoff= Active Ingredient
* Wasser = Water